Elect Brad Guillory

For Family and Juvenile Court

Brad Guillory is a husband, father, a man of faith, and a former police officer – and he knows that family is the backbone of our community. When families experience divorce, they deserve a legal process that will be fair to all involved – especially children. When juveniles need intervention from the justice system, you want a judge who will look at the big picture, not take chances with children’s welfare or with public safety.

It’s easy to think you’ll never need to appear in Family and Juvenile Court, and you’re probably right. But maybe you’ll decide to adopt children, like Brad and Laura Guillory did. Maybe you’ll experience an unexpected loss or family crisis that requires you or a loved one to seek legal help. Family and Juvenile Court has an impact on many aspects of our lives – and our quality of life – here in Calcasieu Parish.

An attorney and business-owner who grew up here in Calcasieu, Brad Guillory has handled hundreds of Family Law cases and trials in both Louisiana and Texas. He has the experience, wisdom, and compassion to serve us in Family and Juvenile Court.

Election day is Oct. 14, and you can contact Brad directly at bradguillorylaw@gmail.com, or call/text his cell phone, (337) 499-1685.

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